Monday, September 28, 2009

Blue Egg Layers

Well, I did spare you from my chickens for one post anyway. Above is Jolene. Named after one of our favorite country songs. Name the artist and you'll win some brownie points! She is our blue/green egg layer, and a very reliable egg layer she is. She is very shy and doesn't enjoy being held much. She is our mystery breed I keep talking about that must be part Araucana.

This is Penelope. She is my Araucana and one of my first little chicks from the spring. You can see the resemblance to Jolene in the comb, or lack of comb. She isn't laying yet, but is by far our friendliest girl. She coos and coos when you pick her up and will close her eyes and act asleep when you pet her back and under her beak. She was picked on quite a bit when we first got our new group of chickens. Thankfully that has resolved now and they all seem to be getting along great.

Happy Monday!!


Bea said...

I never thought of chickens as being friendly and pet like. How neat. I'm sure Dolly Parton would be proud to know you have a chicken named after her song.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

I LOVE the newest pictures of the chickens. That Jolene looks just like our Eva, and we are stumped to as to what breed she is. My daughter thinks she has a bit of the volture look about her! :-) The color of Jolene is the exact same as Eva. And Penelope could be the same as our Amy, who so far has not started showing signs of a comb. They are still young, half grown now and are allowing us to pick them up more. Mystie loves to be held and will sleep on my lap, Amy loves to have her head pet. Eva isn't quite sure about that "getting picked up nonsense" yet. :-) I will be sure to stop back to see how they are growing. I do so enjoy it, cuz you are a fellow chicken-as-pets person!!! Debby

p.s. love the new blog look with the owls. How cute is that!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How pretty they are. My Dad loved Jolene and named his favorite little dog Jolene! I sure have a lot of reminders of my Dad right now! Thanks!

BellaDella said...

I never knew! Such pretty gals!

Small House said...

I love that you share pictures and stories of your chickens. Makes me want to clean out my chicken coop and put it to good use.

I bet it's nice to have fresh eggs.
Have a great day.

stephanie said...

That is so cute that Miss Penelope coos and closes her eyes when you pick her up, just adorable:-)

beck said...

Gorgeous chook portraits Jemm! You should frame them and show them off in your lovely house. We have a funny little chook called Sarah who is black and also lays blue eggs. I'm not sure what the heck breed she is. One of our baby chicks has turned into a rooster! He is crowing and prancing around like a young prince. I'm a bit concerned that he and his mum might be having an inappropriate relationship. Or maybe it's normal in chicken land...who knows?! Keep up the chicken posts, I love them xo

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Awwwww... so sweet! I love the fact that Peneloope coos when you pick her up and pet her.

Checking in to see how you are, and I always love to see the chickens. Small wonder that a magpie would love birds! ;-)

Still no computer (this is a borrowed one), but I will have it back next week (I hope).


Sheila :-)

dutchbaby said...

Only days ago I picked up a used Dolly Parton Greatest Hits CD. I've always loved "Jolene" - such powerful lyrics. I seem to remember Dolly saying in an interview once that "Jolene" was one of her favorite songs she's written. Here's nice clip:

I love that you have a chicken that coos when you pick her up.

Libby Buttons said...

Blue and green eggs ...must be to pretty to eat!
aka LiBBy BuTTons

Snappy Di said...

The blue eggs are wonderful! So sad how girl chickens pick on other girl chickens... Sort of like real life sometimes, huh.

The Blue Ridge Gal

flowerweaver said...

I never get tired of chicken posts! :) The girls are lovely, and I'm glad you are working to tame them. I read somewhere that the only difference between a chicken and a parrot is $2,000 LOL! I have several that fly to my shoulder any chance they get.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I studied Environmental Design/Horticulture and Botany in my undergraduate program. So we do have much more in common!

Dana and Daisy said...

Oh Gosh! I just love your new owl background! Thank you for asking, I am fine, Daisy is fine, we are just as sassy as ever!

I love seeing you are raising chickens! And that you found my friend Flowerweaver. She is amazing!

Much love, Dana and Daisy


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